I do love it xx

"Looking forward to wearing it"  

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Carol (London)

"Love it very much"

"Wow I can just say wow - oh I can't wait I'm so happy about it". 

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Camilla (Austria)


"Thank you Estrellita looks great"!!!!

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What is Design Your Dream?


Yes I want to Design my Dream

Building the Dream

Step 1 Select

From the main menu select the item of jewellery you want to design, on that item's page you will see its from price, and images of core element options for you to look at and make your selections, (core elements such as wire colour or type of clasp are the foundations of any design, so it's the perfect place to start), along with a range of finished jewellery examples for inspiration.

When you're ready to begin designing your dream, please fill in that pages contact form with your core element selections, click send and LadyLLondon will respond asap. 

Step 2 Design

As a client, your selected core elements are laid out in a design simulation, to begin adding your selection of charms, beads, letters etc (the bespoke elements that are specific to your dream), and as in the video above, a design will begin to emerge, enjoy seeing them re arranged, (I'm always on hand to support my valued clients, via images, progress videos, messages and instant chat) until you reach that design of your dreams. 

When you are 100% satisfied, you give that vital 'Confirmation to Craft', and LadyLLondon will transform that exact design you've just delighted in building, into the stunning fashion jewellery you've always wanted to wear.

Step 3 Enjoy

Delight in receiving your gift packaged dream jewellery and knowing you're wearing a special treasure like no other, designed by your own unique imagination - handcrafted at LadyLLondon. 

What's your fashion Jewellery dream design? 

Let's Design Your Dream


Costs & Order info

After having the privilege of designing well over 100 original pieces and handcrafting commissioned fashion jewellery for exclusive clients all over the globe, (for their christenings, birthday's, weddings, as thank you's, meaningful tributes, thoughtful gifts or that well deserved self treat) I understand every client is an individual, their needs, order budgets, and circumstances can vary greatly, that's why each Design your Dream jewellery item has a from price. Which excludes your finished jewellery's delivery costs, and would be the minimum your finished jewellery would cost, if all your selections were in stock, and nothing had to be specifically purchased for your dream design.

To begin your order, (and start Step 2 Design see above) LadyLLondon requires payment of either 50% of the from price displayed or 50% of budget you have set (as some clients prefer having the freedom to explore within their own budget). The remaining 50% will be due after you give your Confirmation to Craft. 

Until final payment is received LadyLLondon can not transform your unique design into your dream fashion jewellery - once your custom order invoice has been paid in full, your jewellery is crafted, safely packaged in a gift bag inside an attractive reusable gift tin, (better for the environment, for more, see packaging your dream) and collected or delivered as you've instructed. 

Gift Card the Dream

Give your special someone the experience of designing their own dream jewellery, with a personalised Gift E-card.