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Currently available ready-made pendant toppings more added each week, to start your own collection, or add to your developing Pendant collection expressing your own individual passions and magnetic character 🍕 All Toppings currently on half-price limited offer🍕😻

If this is your first Character Pendant order welcome, 🤗 please click here to choose your Chain if you already have your chain then welcome back 🤗 enjoy browsing and finding another exclusive topping you can either take To Go or Personalise 🍕 If you want to make your very own pendant topping from your preferred magnet base, then that's awesome, let's start making your pendant dreams come true, click here 🍕 I look forward to handcrafting that supreme design especially for you 🎁💖

Need any advice at any of these stages, no problem just click here to send me a message, I'm always happy to help 💖 

Also please be aware Anyone with a pacemaker CAN NOT use magnetic jewellery of any kind, and pregnant women, according to Google need to be careful, please check with your medical professional if you're unsure. 💖 

Creatively Yours LadyL xoxo