Custom, Co-Create your jewellery with LadyL

After finding homes for over 100 original jewellery creations all over the world these 3 easy steps are designed to give you total interaction and satisfaction at every stage as we make your dream jewellery together.  

We can create your special one of a kind treasure in person or online, 

After assessing your individual needs we agree on a budget, once the required 20% deposit is settled, it’s the time to let my imagination fly, incorporating your requests I connect ideas and begin to build a unique item in my mind as I set about sourcing and collecting the elements required. 

I create a few mock-ups or demo designs usually between 3 to 6 versions depending on the piece commissioned, I send photos of each version to you for feedback, don’t worry I won’t drown you in images It’s only to narrow down the elements till we have a winner. 

Once the winning design has been chosen I will create that mockup and send images for tweaking until your final confirmation. 
It is at this stage we would discuss the individual binding terms relating to your particular co-creation including remaining payment, naming, packaging, delivery etc. 
Once these have been agreed I will then handcraft your exclusive LadyLLondon piece and attach my custom made hexagon charm (if item allows) delivering this co-creation to you in accordance with your exact specifications. 

Co-Creating is a true joy of mine so I’m really looking forward to finding out what amazing jewellery we'll make together. 

Creatively Yours LadyL xoxo