How To Info LadyL's Character Pendants

Fashionable, easy wear Chains and Pendants for you to design or personalise as much or as little as you want 💖 Exclusive yet astonishingly affordable jewellery to match your shoes, hair or that go to bag 👜

When you want to jazz it up or have something to share with the world, simply click in a made to order pendant piece from your collection and your look is effortlessly transformed✨ All Chains or Pendants £33 excl p&p 🎁 


         ✨💖 Let's Create my Fabulous new CHAIN ✨💖


n a matter of seconds - even one handed, whilst holding a phone, recording a video in my new fave cafe, yes i've done the test and have the instagram story to prove it


here's the best part..  

Exclusive, interchangeable and astonishingly  as you always have two look at the same time  Every Chain or Pendant 







My own special creation, of

 👜 It's time to design and express your world your way 🌎 Here's how it works ✨

 Each pendant must have a chain and one of the many wonderful aspects of my brand new innovative concept is LadyLLondon Chains can be worn solo, so you always have two looks at the same time 🤗 





Step one is the Chain, which looks super cute and elegant worn solo but then can be can be worn solo and lo catching making them truly your own and the perfect partner to all those cherished pieces in your wardrobe.




with your favourite outfit 🤗that you can make truly your own, either by personliing can either personalise or My own innovative fashion jewellery concept, it works in two parts, Chains and Toppings, design your own chain from the many online options available, and as every element has been entirely chosen by you, this chain will be tailor made to your taste and style connecting you to a new easy wear accessory like never before, then simply check out and that exact chain will be handcrafted especially for you, and delivered as you've instructed.😍

Or you can stay on my site and add a Toppings, aka those magnetic pendant pieces in the middle, that will completely transform your look in seconds, even one handed - holding a mobile phone - recording a video seated in a crowded cafe 😮 yes I've done it and have the Instagram story to prove it ☕

Think of these pendant Toppings as wearable tweets or YouTube, using letters, numbers and symbols, eg Characters you can express your world your way.  There are also Bauble Toppings which are the same concept just using crystals, and other unusual elements to create designs that will resonate and match your style. Toppings can be made anytime as your new chain will look super cute and elegant worn solo, so if you just want a one of a kind, chosen by you chain that no one else will have, no problem. 🎁

Design and order as many Chains and Toppings as you wish, your entire individual collection is interchangeable, clicking together effortlessly every single time, however you wish to combine them, they're magnetic so it's via science and with my mutual peace of mind guarantee, which means LadyLLondon will not begin handcrafting anything until an image has been sent to you with all your choices in place, not connected so it's perfectly fine to tweak and move pieces around at that point, 🤩 once final confirmation has been given, then your unique jewellery is crafted especially for you so, you can have fun creating and place your order online today with complete confidence 💖

Ready to begin the LadyLLondon design process to make your first easy wear one of a kind chain exactly the way you desire it, as a well deserved self treat or a thoughtful Christmas gift for a loved one, then click here and have fun ✨

Let's Create a Chain

So I know this was me back in the day.... 

Oh this pendant or chain would be perfect for me if only it..? 🤔

"Didn't have those fiddly little nail breaking clasps, had my top three favourite colours, or this combination that would match my new, bag, shoes, outfit, and wasn't exactly like everything else I've seen today"? 🙄 

Or sometimes, "hmm I do like it but... if only it had a couple of  different funky charms to give it bit of quirky originality, (or if only it didn't have all this unnecessary stuff hanging off it) then it would match my own style, go brilliantly with other pieces, express my passions and personality, then it would be ideal for me" 😍 

Although the business side of things was a complete fluke above is one of the main reasons I became an exclusive fashion jewellery designer 😉 I wanted to make eclectic, affordable quirky-chic jewellery that was a little bit different, and I've since been fortunate enough to find loving homes for well over 100 of my one of a kind creations 🌎

Character Pendants however are a whole new world even for me, as my innovative concept actually gives you the opportunity to create your own range of unique fashion jewellery Chains and Pendant Toppings exactly the way you want them, right here online 😍

Wear the chain you've just designed solo and it looks super cute and elegant (over 20 chain options to choose from)


Then simply slide the magnets apart (that's the crystal ball in the middle) and effortlessly click into place a Topping like this one COOL from my personal collection, ideal match for the beach or that summer dress, chill out holiday look. 

 Why Toppings?🍕 The concept reminded me of ordering a pizza, as you can take one of my Pendant Pieces, To Go meaning exactly as I've created it, Personalise it as much or as little as you'd like here online, or use all the various elements on this website and Create Your Own Topping, just like we do with Pizza, hence Toppings 🍕 

Oh did I mention Character Pendants are collectable, yes, and they make exceptional event keep sake's, as you develop your own collection to express your world and passions 💖

For example again from my own personal collection I can click in some love from my pet, created this and wore it the day I found / adopted my beloved rescue cat 😻

To sharing a cause, belief or slogan close to my heart. 

To expressing adoration for a fave movie, TV show, book or in this case Theatre Show, created and worn for On Your Feet musical as 123 is my fave Miami Sound Machine track 🎭 

Each Character Pendant can completely transform your look in an effortless couple of clicks, and as they can be tailor made to the unique interests and passions of a loved one they make incredibly meaningful special occasion gifts too 🎁

If all that wasn't enough my astonishingly affordable character pendant toppings and chains only £33 each, excluding p&p 🎁 all made to order and completely interchangeable via the those cute little magnets, are even more affordable - currently half price during a just extended introductory offer! 🤩

Re magnets if you want a seamless look always order the same type of magnet (you can two tone a piece for some variety as I did with Quincy, Chain Antique Bronze, Topping Silver

If you prefer a more quirky vibe then order any magnet type or tone you wish, they will still click together beautifully however, you choose to combine them every single time as it's science✨💖

Going back to the gift element, Character Pendants are also a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving, as it's collectable and can be tailor made to their individual passions you can easily keep adding a unique chain or topping to their collection for every special occasion 🎁

However, I know it can be difficult designing something so unique and personal for someone else (no matter how well we know them) and when it's a piece of jewellery it can get even more stressful 🤔 which is why I have created LadyL's A Pendant Gift for You Experience ❄🎁❄ also part of the  extended half price introductory offer 🤩

The stress free way for you to send an exclusively designed  invitation to your loved one to design with me their very own Character Pendant and Chain 💖 to learn more about this exciting one of a kind gift experience, please click here

Impressive, so how do I start my own Character Pendant Collection? 

Simples to begin - create your chain, please click here chain enjoy designing your one of a kind fashion jewellery your way. 

Already have your chain (or want to browse the Toppings currently on the menu), then please choose your next topping by clicking a link from these following two options 🍕

To browse the menu of currently available pendant Toppings to either take To Go or Personalise please click Menu

Know exactly what you want your Topping to say, terrific then you want to create your own,enjoy and I look forward to seeing your one of a kind design, please click here to Create your own Topping 

As I want this page to be the hub for all things Character Pendant below you'll find all the info, videos and links you might need, having them all on the same page makes it easier to navigate 💖

More Information And How To Videos

So you've found that imaginative LadyLondon pendant piece or ready-made topping and you know it will be perfect exactly as it is for you or a loved one, then simply click Take This To Go No Changes checkbox and then Add To Cart, simples... 🍕

Or maybe you need to Personalise only the magnet type so it fits seamlessly with your chain and other pieces, in this video I show you how 💖 


Seen a Topping you like a lot of but, you want to change a few things to make it truly your own, no problem, in this video I take you step by step through the various menus and options to fully personalise one of my designs to make it truly your own 🍕


Creating your own Topping from A Magnet Base, here's where you can let your imagination fly and get super creative 🤗 Start with your preferred magnet base and then have fun using the images and drop-down menus, creating your own supreme topping 🍕 then when you've got all the elements you want me to use, and any more info you'd like me to know, click Add To Cart 💖

This same video is also on the page the above link sends you to, but, I also want this page to be the hub or home page for all things Character Pendants, so you can easily navigate from here and have all the info videos and links you might need in the same place 💖

These are the same links as above I've just put them in again to save you having to scroll up 💖

To browse the menu of currently available pendant Toppings to either take To Go or Personalise please click Menu

Know exactly what you want your Topping to say, terrific then you want to create your own,enjoy and I look forward to seeing your one of a kind design, please click here to Create your own Topping 

Important info please read if first time here 

If there's anything you need me to know about your order, just tell me in the Special Instructions for Seller Message Box at the cart section, once your processed order is on my Crafting List I will send a layout for your final confirmation, I always do this before any handcrafting, ensuring peace of mind for both of us, then I will make this confirmed topping especially for you 💖  

Remember I'm around to advise so feel free to message and ask me anything during your browsing or creative process here before placing your order, especially if your order is time-sensitive (a birthday gift, holiday or hen party etc) as all LadyLLondon Jewellery is handmade to order this means it's subject to stock availability💖 There is no obligation in enquiring, and I will of course do my best to accommodate all my valued clients.

If I am unable to fulfil your request for any reason then I will let you know as soon as I can, so you can find that perfect gift or keepsake elsewhere.

Unlike pizza, these yummy pendants toppings are for wearing not eating and can't be delivered to your door piping hot in 30 mins or less 😉

Also please be aware Anyone with a pacemaker CAN NOT use magnetic jewellery of any kind, and pregnant women, according to Google may need to be careful please check with your medical professional if you're unsure. 💖 

Looking forward to connecting with you and crafting your exclusive toppings as you develop your pendant collection, that will express your world, passions and magnetic Character 💖🍕 

Creatively Yours LadyL xoxo