Why I decided to Design your Dream

LadyLLondon was originally a regular jewellery biz, with custom work and plenty of ready to wear original designs available. Then this happened, (for the origin of LadyLLondon brand please scroll below to the black and white photo).
So here's what happened: mid 2020 in the grips of the pandemic my design mojo burnt out and that's never happened before no matter what I've gone through!
At the start of my long haul lockdown (as an asthmatic who barely survived bilateral pneumonia twice it was essential i self isolate) I designed happy feel good pieces like a demon, 4 in one week as it was my way to cope with all the chaos and then one day nothing, no ideas not even a story! It was so scary but, educational as it made me realize that whilst I do love designing/crafting my jewellery, it's a total high witnessing something emerge that wasn't there before.
Nowadays I felt deeper satisfaction helping clients explore their own inner designer, researching bespoke options so that they can fulfil their dreams.
 It seemed a more meaningful joy-giving someone else the gift of that total design high, by crafting into the world their dream designs, and witnessing them wear a piece from their own unique imagination.
Then just like magnets, things began to click, pros...if I refocused the biz to make it all about you, not personalizing my pendants etc but, find a way to put you in the jewellery designer's chair, for any kind of piece you wanted to wear, bracelets, earrings, at your own pace, with on-hand support all the way, and become a revolutionary made to order biz, then I'd feel much more aligned with my work, (even though thankfully my design mojo has since returned and is in full flow again).
Cons... doing a heck of a lot of website stuff which I detest, and yet another 180 turn biz wise, but, thankfully this feels more like a progression and most of the pieces for this Design your Dream puzzle are already there, just needed re structuring ...eventually the pro side won, so now I've ploddingly revamped this website...once more, to begin a new purposeful journey of connecting and supporting, as you release your inner designer, then crafting your fashion jewellery dream designs, into existence to uniquely express your world.
Creatively Yours
LadyL xoxo



I've always been that mixed up creative type who lived in her head, aka Lauraland 💖 mainly as my reality was unbearable, all I knew was how to survive, playing my roles, going through the motions detached, adapting from scene to scene. Creativity was my only lifeline throughout those toxic decades, the pure and addictive high that only comes from bringing something into this world that wasn't there before.✨ 

As the brilliant Brene Brown wrote, 'Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world' 
When I'm not designing quirky-chic Magnetic Pendants or other offbeat charm jewellery I'm a crafter of words, sharing as a storymaker, lyricist and pop culture journalist. 
These lifelong obsessions are the soul of LadyLLondon and have inspired so many of my handcrafted originals.... Handcrafted it still astounds me to type that word in relation to what do, as for most of my late teens and twenties I couldn't even hold a charm, or a fork to feed myself.

Let's skip back to the early '90s, eventually I was diagnosed as suffering from RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (now known as CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) aka relentless burning pain coursing from my head to my severely weakened arms and hands, having to take heavy duty meds, wearing cotton wool as padding on the arms of the lightest eyeglasses out there as even they were too heavy and painful. Most clothes were agony to wear and jewellery, with those fiddly little fasteners, forget it, mind you, they still frustrate me today, which is why I never use those types of clasp it's important that my jewellery's easy to open, and can be done solo, maybe rebelling against all those years of sheer dependency 💖 some of LadyL's pendants are overhead or with those marvellous little magnets but, I especially love making pieces with the large hexagon toggle as it's my favourite shape, hence the brand charm.    
Mercifully that hasn't been my existence for a long while, and today not only can I wear unique n quirky-chic jewellery to express whatever mood or moment in experiencing, thanks to my exclusively developed Magentical Pendant range 💖 but, I happily grip pliers for hours, lovingly handcrafting my eclectic collections from conception to completion, knowing that my creations will then go off to their dream homes and share in the magical moments of my like-minded clients, that alone is sheer bliss for me.

Who would have guessed that my need for a Christmas themed kilt pin charm brooch and the decision to make one of my own in 2015 could have developed into this?
That first night I ended up making 6 charm pins as I was totally hooked and instantly fell in love with the process of making jewellery. The limitless possibilities to craft my imagination into a one of a kind wearable reality, fires me up every single time I connect to a new design, receive a clients commission or a creative bauble order but, I never thought I would create a business from it, that was a complete fluke!

I'll admit it's a scary and continuous learning curve far far away from my comfort zones but, I love it and one of my core life beliefs is the Universe gets What The Universe Wants, (which is why it's the title of my novel), so with almost 100 original creations now sold worldwide and new design ideas flowing daily I guess the Universe wants me to keep sharing my soul 💖 crafting my one of a kind funky fashion jewellery for fantabulous women who are determined to dance to their own tune, and love to dress to express their unique magnetic Character.  
Creatively Yours LadyL xoxo