What Are LadyL's Character Pendants?

Fashionable, easy wear 2 in 1 Chains and Pendants for you to design or personalise as much or as little as you wish💖 Uniquely express yourself with these exclusive yet astonishingly affordable magnetic Chains only £33 excl p&p 🎁 click the link to begin to create chains to match your shoes, bag hair, that go to outfit, or whatever you want 👜

    ✨💖 Click me to design your fabulous new CHAIN ✨  

Then once you have your self designed chain exactly as you desire it, you can if you wish go on to Step Two, and jazz up your neck candy a bit, share powerful words that matter to you or wow the crowds with an imaginative bauble design that makes you feel fabulous 😻 let a piece of you shine through to the world, again using the ancient power of magnets simply slide, and click in a made to order pendant piece (aka Topping) from your collection and your look is effortlessly transformed✨


So whatever the occasion in a couple of clicks you can go from simple and elegant to the life of the party🎄 Switching Pendant pieces or Toppings as I like to call them is also a breeze, even one handed whilst holding a phone, recording a video in my new fave cafe without a mirror! I've done the test and have the Instagram/Facebook story to prove it 📲

Or Topping, why Topping?🍕 Creating something so revolutionary from scratch is scary 😨 I needed a simple way to share with others the concept I was developing, the nearest I could come up with was Pizza 🍕 as you can take one of my Pendant Pieces, To Go meaning exactly as I've created it, Personalise it as much or as little as you'd like here online, or use all the various elements on this website and Create Your Own Topping, just like we do with Pizza, hence Toppings 🍕 But, as every pizza needs a base every pendant needs a Chain, click the link to begin a collection that is so totally you, enjoy browsing a menu of eye catching Chain options to satisfy. All Character Chains or Pendants £33 plus p&p 🤗

💖✨  Click me to begin step one Create your Chain  ✨💖

Although the business side of things was a complete fluke, not being able to tweak designs or seeing a piece and thinking, ah if only it had this or didn't have that, and wasn't like everything else I'd seen today 😒 was one of the main reasons I became an exclusive fashion jewellery designer 😉 it's since become my mission to make eclectic, affordable quirky-chic jewellery that's fun, imaginative and a little bit different 🎁 through making my own jewellery ideas come to life and expressing my creativity, I've since been fortunate enough to find loving homes for well over 100 of my one of a kind creations 🌎Character Pendants however are a whole new world even for me, as my innovative concept actually gives you the opportunity to create your own range of unique fashion jewellery Chains and Pendant Toppings exactly the way you want them, right here online 😍

 Think of these pendant Toppings as wearable tweets or YouTube, using letters, numbers and symbol beads, aka characters you can express your world your way. Bauble Toppings are exactly the same concept only using stunning, playful or unusual elements to create designs that will stand out,  resonate and match your unique style. Toppings can be ordered at the same time as your chain or later as you develop your individual collection, LadyLLondon originals are made to order, it's whenever suits you 💖 Remember I'm around to advise so feel free to message and ask me anything during your browsing or creative process here before placing your order, especially if your order is time-sensitive (a birthday gift, holiday or hen party etc) as all LadyLLondon Jewellery is handmade to order this means it's subject to stock availability💖

There is no obligation in enquiring, and I will of course do my best to accommodate all my valued clients. If I am unable to fulfil your request for any reason then I will let you know as soon as I can, so you can find that perfect gift or keepsake elsewhere.

Unlike pizza, these yummy pendants toppings are for wearing not eating and can't be delivered to your door piping hot in 30 mins or less 😉

Also please be aware Anyone with a pacemaker CAN NOT use magnetic jewellery of any kind, and pregnant women, according to Google may need to be careful please check with your medical professional if you're unsure. 💖 

LadyLLondon looks forward to connecting with you and crafting your exclusive Chains and Toppings as you develop your pendant collection, that will express your world, passions and magnetic Character 💖🍕 

To save you scrolling back here's the link again. 

💖✨  Click me to begin step one Create your Chain  ✨💖

See you there 🎁

Creatively Yours LadyL xoxo