Design Your Dream Charm Bracelet From £58

Welcome, here's how to begin designing your dream Charm Bracelet.  or if you'd just like to enquire about something at this stage, please use the More Info text box in the form below. 

To begin an order, look at the rest of the images, marked "Core Element Options" (the basics for any Charm Bracelet design) and make your selections. Memory wire retains its shape and can make a stunning charm bracelet as shown in the example, you need to choose either a chain option or memory wire colour for your Charm Bracelet, and either a Magnet or Toggle option for its clasp. Jump rings are vital as they connect everything together, so by selecting your desired colour, they can really make a dream design pop! The image of finished LadyLLondon Charm Bracelets are simply examples, just there for inspiration. 

When you've made your Core Element selections, what you want in your dream design, please put them into the form below, add your name and email address, and anything else you want to express about your dream design, and click send. 

From Price displayed above, (excludes your finished jewellery's delivery costs) and would be the minimum your Charm Bracelet would cost, if all your selections were in stock, and no charms were specifically purchased for your dream design. 

Please note, before your order can progress to the design phase, LadyLLondon will require payment of 50% of the from price displayed above. 

Creatively yours, LadyL xoxo