GIFT THE DREAM, with a personalised gift E-Card from £56

Welcome to handcrafted quality gifting without the guesswork as you delight your special someone with this exclusive jewellery designing experience. They'll have progress pictures and support all the way whilst achieving their dream design online, then delight in finally being able to wear fashion jewellery that reflects their hobbies, life milestones, and passions. Purchasing this unique and thoughtful personalised emailed gift card, for any special occasion means their gift satisfaction's guaranteed.  

What exactly will my Gift E-Card entitle them to do?

Each gift level experience includes;

  • The joy of them selecting all available design elements.
  • Having them rearranged with online support until your loved one reaches their dream design.
  • Their confirmed design then being transformed by LadyLLondon, into the handcrafted fashion jewellery they've always wanted to wear, and also
  • Standard gift packaging and delivery costs for their finished jewellery to them, or to you, if you'd prefer to give it personally, and share in their excitement as they unpack their dream jewellery.  

GIFT LEVELS Please choose one.

IMAGINE £56 this gift level entitles the recipient to design, either a dream chain, bangle, or pair of Earrings.

VISION £66 this gift level entitles the recipient to design either, a dream Charm bracelet, Necklace, Click in Text Pendant with Chain, or Charm Pin.

FANTASY £76 this gift level entitles the recipient to design either, a dream Click in Charm Pendant with Chain or Memory wire Multi wrap bracelet Cuff

What do I have to do to purchase an E-Gift Card? 

1. Select the gift level you want to send and put it into the form below

The gift level you purchase will be part of the unique gift code on your recipient's gift card, so when they redeem it LadyLLondon instantly knows which kind of jewellery item your loved one can choose from, to begin their dream design experience. 

2. Click the images and take a look at the gift card examples, select the image you want on your card, and type its letter into the same form below, each option has a letter in the left corner under Example. 

3. Please provide the rest of the information requested on the form to personalise your gift card eg, name, email etc. when you have all the info on the form below, click send and LadyLLondon will be in touch asap. 

What comes next?

You will be sent an email like this containing a draft of your personalised gift card, for you to double-check the highlighted info and approve, once you are satisfied, proceed to payment. 

LadyLLondon will process your payment and a valid gift card will then be emailed to you. 

That's it!

Please note, LadyLLondon will not send your Gift E-Card directly to the recipient, that way their privacy is protected and, you control how and when your loved one receives your gift, making it super easy to purchase this unique gift package well in advance of any event or celebration. 

Creatively yours LadyL xoxo