XoXo Cerise cuff SOUR CHERRY
XoXo Cerise cuff SOUR CHERRY

XoXo Cerise cuff SOUR CHERRY

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Exceptional statement cuff of multi-size cerise faux pearls and silver tube beads on memory wire, as with every cuff in this Media inspired collection the layers have been designed slightly differently, adding the modern text speak charm finish combines timeless glamour with modern culture, part of the Signature Collection.

Why is it named that? 

With that cute XoXo charm, this exclusive could only be named after one show CW's hit teen drama Gossip Girl. Centred on the glamorous Manhattan elite its narrator aka omniscient blogger would sign off "you know you love me xoxo Gossip Girl". 

Sour Cherry was chosen not only because it's a wicked name but, that song by The Kills became a real fan fave anthem from a classic Gossip Girl episode. 

As LadyL only makes one, when it's gone it's gone xoxo